Terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions are between the buyer and the seller – Prominens s.r.o., Pri suchom mlyne 24, 831 01 Bratislava, IČO: 31372724, DIČ: 31372724/600, IČ DPH: SK2020302548. You can contact the seller via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone: +421 2 547 89 416.

Personal information
The personal information that you will provide to us throughout your order will be treated in regard to the personal information protection act No.428/2002 Z.z. and will only be of use between the buyer and the seller and will not be shared with any third parties (with the exception of the courier service), or any commercial use.

Rights and responsibilities
The seller obliges to deliver an ordered art work in the agreed price and following conditions as in place on the day of the electronic order.
The buyer obliges to accept the delivery, check whether the art work is in expected condition, including packaging, and pay for the art work according to chosen method. In case of any damage, please, inform the courier. The seller is not responsible for damage that occurs/is discoverer at a later stage.
Consumer rights in regard to the seller resulting from acts concerning the protection of the consumer 250/2007 and later changes; and by-laws about acts concerning the protection of the consumer in the instance of house-to-house sales and delivery sales number 108/2000 and later changes, remain in operation.

Payment and Delivery
The art work can be paid for by paying in advance (bank transfer, deposit), by paying on delivery or by paying in person (at the gallery). The art work will be delivered between 1 to 5 working days. The delivery is realised by a courier company (UPS, Slovak post). Delivery charge is 2,50 € (orders over 50 € are excluded from this charge). When ordering more than one art work only one delivery is charged. You can check the overall amount at finalisation of an order. Prices are displayed including VAT.

The buyer can cancel an order within 24 hours from placing the order by phone or by e-mail.

Return policy and complaints
The buyer has the right, in regard to the act 108/2000 §11 para. 1, to withdraw from contract without providing a reason within 7 days from the day the art work was received, while the buyer has to inform the seller in letter or e-mail. Art work has to be in its original condition.

Prominens s.r.o.
Pri suchom mlyne 24
831 01 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

Company profile

Cieľom a poslaním občianskeho združenia Artem je najmä podpora rozvoja a propagácia slovenského výtvarného umenia a slovenskej kultúry nielen doma ale aj v zahraničí. Okrem iného sa tiež zaoberá vlastnou tvorbou a organizovaním kultúrnych, vzdelávacích, benefičných, školiacich a študijných programov. Artem, o.z. podporuje tvorbu mladých umelcov, ich umelecký rast a prezentáciu. Artem, o.z. úzko spolupracuje s Domom sociálnych služieb Prof. Matulaya. Artem, o.z. založil PhDr. Ľuboslav Moza.


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Artem, o.z.
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Prominens s.r.o.
Pri suchom mlyne 24
811 04 Bratislava
Slovak Republic