Nová scéna - Mata Hari

In front of a sold out audience of the Nová scéna theatre, on Saturday, 14th September 2013, a premiere of a much notified musical Mata Hari I took place.

Sisa Sklovská, a holder of the "Identification Code of Slovakia" award, executed an excellent performance. 'Top' is the most beautiful word in art. A special person is lucky enough to reach several 'tops' throughout her lifetime. That is the case of Sisa Sklovská. A singer with an incredible voice register. Voice that is well educated and certain. Steady vocal presence. In this project, she also introduced her acting and dancing skills. All three components of her artistic performance were composed into the main character, exaggerated by a unique expression and soft, impacting performance. Thanks to the way she portrayed this character, the musical shows strong potential.

That is why she does not need to convince anyone anymore. Her talent, coupled with her hard work and discipline gave the performance something more. Her performance gave the musical a different dimension without artificial prettiness. It got under the viewers' skin. Sisa Sklovská is a name that belongs to the valuable that Europe has to offer.

Mário Radačovský, another award holder of the "Identification of Slovakia", was a part of the choreography team. He used the dynamic culture of actors to create a big, high-imapct performance, with new elements, amazing ideas and ease. Talented men of world-wide respect.


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